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This Month in Picturing Justice

My Take
Tricksters: The image of lawyers as Tricksters in America today.  By John Denvir  Go...
Silver Screen
Pleasantville: Pleasantville is a necessary reminder that freedom, while unsettling, disconcerting and discomforting, is still better than the alternative. By Paul Joseph Go...
Small Screen

The Practice: A distraught podiatrist rushes into the office demanding to see attorney Ellenor Frutt immediately. He says that the previous night he picked up a woman in a bar and they went to a motel together. Then he went home. The next morning, upon opening his medical bag, he discovered the woman's severed head. He claims he has no idea how it got there. Now what? by Michael Asimow Go...

The Practice: David Kelley’s The Practice has opened its second season. Starting as a dark horse entry late on Saturday night, the show finished up by winning several Emmys and laying serious claim to be the true successor to television "lawyer" classic series like LA Law and The Defenders. It seems a good time to ask what kind of magic Kelley is working. by John Denvir  Go...

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